Creating Twitter Groups #ocTEL

I am new to tiwwer and want to develop groups for students what is the best way to go about it?



Introduction and My Big Question #ocTEL

Hi Everyone, I am Les Henson and I have just returned from holiday and trying to catch up. I am Senior Lecturer in Mission Studies in the School of Theology and Contect at Tabor Victoria in Melbourne Australia. Together with my Colleagues Rika and Yr, we are exploring blended learning and the use of appropriate learning technologies for both face to face and online learning.I have used Moodle for the past six years and regularly use both powerpoint and youtube downloads. At present I am experimenting with the use of a student run website for learning and assessment purposes. I am particularly interested in the issue of appropriateness and how particular technologies can contribute to the students learning experience and what is appropriate to acheive the desired outcomes in the learning and teaching environment.

I am with fear and trembling looking forward to this new learning experience.